Volunteer Center

TMLA is proud of the high rate of volunteerism among our members! Please join us. If you have…

  • Expertise or experience in a certain field
  • A hobby or skill you would like to share
  • An interest in an area of concern to Ten Mile Lake
  • An urge to get involved in a project, as a committee member or in some other way

…please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at association@tenmilelake.org.

From time to time a project arises that requires member help – this is where you will find listed those opportunities to participate. Thank you in advance!

** FACEBOOK AFFICIANADO NEEDED: We would love to add a link from our new website to a TMLA Facebook page. Before we do that we need to have a volunteer who would be willing to help us create protocols for our page, and then act as admin to monitor those protocols. We need to be sure we safeguard our membership information and our status as a non-profit organization. If you would like to be our Facebook admin, and help us get started please contact Annie at membership@tenmilelake.org or 218-429-1164. We anticipate startup work to be a few hours over several days. Ongoing a few hours a month, possibly more in the summer as more people will be thinking about TML and the website, and posting to FB May - September.