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Wondering about zebra mussels? Want to know the ice out date for last year and this year? Seeking data on walleyes? You are in the right place. From time to time we will be adding links to articles of current interest. All articles will always be available under RESOURCES in the Library but we will try to have the most current info available here. Don't see what you want? Contact us at

  • Below is a link to the map provided by the Northern Waters Land Trust, created with the assistance of the Minnesota DNR, the Minn. Land Trust, the Nature Conservancy, and area Soil and Water Conservation Districts

The map will open to an area south of Woman Lake.  You can move the map to the northwest to locate Ten Mile Lake.  There is a "legend" link in the very upper left of the map that explains the color coding system.  The primary purpose of the coding is to assist the NWLT in prioritizing project applications for funding in the Clean Water-Critical Habitat program.  However, the NWLT is making this product available to its partners, such as lake associations and state and local agencies, for assisting in their conservation projects.  Only properties of 10 acres or greater are color coded in the map, as this is the minimum size considered cost effective for protection in the NWLT program.

Zooming in on a color-coded parcel and clicking on it will open an additional box providing all pertinent info on that property (owner, acres, etc.).

Note in upper left corner the three bars which serve as a legend for the map displayed. The layered icon next to it shows critical habitat and existing easements. When you click on the arrow it shows a legend.  Play with the base map icon to see topographic and  many other background information you can display. In the query box I typed "Ten Mile-Portage" to get map centered on Ten Mile Lake and surrounding area. The + and - allows you to zoom in and out on the map.  If you get lost, the home icon will restore you to the base map.

Critical Habitat Map

  • TMLA Zebra Mussel Response Plan

The link below is to a document outlining the preliminary steps in our response plan regarding zebra mussels in Ten Mile Lake.

Preliminary Zebra Mussel Response Plan

  • Low Dose Copper Treatment - Zebra Mussels

The link below is to an publication from the University of Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Species Research Center, regarding a treatment possibility for zebra mussel infestation.

Low Dose Copper

  • The following article was published in the TMLA Winter Newsletter. Written by Bruce Carlson, it is a complete explanation of zebra mussels and their challenge to the lake.

Zebra Mussels

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