Association Officers

Bob Iversen |  President

Ten Mile Lake is in my DNA: my parents' families were vacationing here years before they even met, and I've been fortunate to be coming since 1946. Even when we were raising our family in California, we returned as often as possible. When I semi-retired in 2002, I joined Bruce Carlson's Environment & Ecology Committee and have been taking Secchi readings for almost that long, and lately helping with vegetation mapping.

When AIS became a real threat several years ago, I led a new committee dedicated to preventing the "bad stuff" from entering beautiful Ten Mile. For several years, our dedicated volunteer "inspection educators" staffed the boat access on weekends helping to ensure the boats coming in were "clean, drained and dry." (We now have county-paid inspectors.)

Ten Mile is extremely fortunate to have a large number of property owners who feel strongly about preserving the quality of the lake -- I'm happy to be part of that group and am honored to be TMLA's president.

Linda Schwartz | Vice-president

My family (the Chinanders) first came to Ten Mile and bought an old Pebble Beach cabin in 1965.  Then my parents moved two lots down to Foresman Point and built a new cabin in 1970 which seemed luxurious with new showers and a dishwasher and everything!  After I married Michael Schwartz (we met at a dance in Nisswa), we were fortunate to have (with no cost) our choice of the Foresman Point cabin or the Schwartz cabin on Chariton Beach when we returned for the summer from Cornell University  in NY.   We often were back and forth between the two cabins many times each day for skiing,  visits and dinners.

When Mike was hired as an assistant professor at the University of Florida, we were thrilled to move with our 18 month old son from snowy NY to Gainesville, Florida.  Soon after the move, I started law school and received my JD and then my LLM in taxation in 1980.  During our Gainesville years, we had difficulty finding the time to come back to Ten Mile Lake with our two children.  To be closer to family and Ten Mile, we moved to Mpls and built legal careers with large Mpls law firms.  Living in Mpls. allowed me to work with Jim Schwartz to obtain the tax-exempt 501(c)(3) status for the Ten Mile Lake Association in 1985.  Almost 35 years (and an equal number to cruises--we love to travel too) later, we both retired and worked through the complicated process of selling my share of the Foresman Point cabin to my sister and buying out Mike's brother's share of the Chariton Beach cabin.  Then we totally renovated the place to make room for all of our  children, spouses and eight grandchildren.

Both children and all of our grandchildren have manged to travel back to Ten Mile almost every summer and many of them report that it's their favorite place in the world.  We love this lake and are committed to preserving its quality for many generations to come.

John Hallberg  |  Secretary


Roxy Moon  |  Treasurer


Karin Arsan  |  Ex-Officio

Karin served as president of the Ten Mile Lake Association from 2017 through 2019. By virtue of this service, she is the current ex-officio board member and part of the advisory committee.