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Thank you for supporting the Ten Mile Lake Association and our mission. You may celebrate, memorialize or honor a person or event with your gift, and choose to support either the General Fund or the J. W. Schwartz Environmental Preservation Fund. The James W Schwartz Environmental Preservation Fund was established in 1998 to address serious challenges to the ecology and environment of the lake and its surroundings. These challenges include such things as infestations of exotic species, identified pollution or contamination sources, and threats to environmentally sensitive land areas. The General Fund finances the ongoing work of the Ten Mile Lake Association through approved, budgeted expenses incurred by the work of our committees, volunteers and administrative activities. Bequests and gifts of financial instruments or other gifts-in-kind are also welcome, and that process is explained in our Gifting Policy.

If you are a current member, upon entering your name on the donation form below, wait for the system to recognize you from our database. Select your name and the system will enter your information for you. (If it does not, try a variation of your name, I.E. Robert – try Bob, or enter partial spelling to get a larger list to choose from, I.E.  Bran instead of Brandt.)

If you are not a current member, just type in your name and information.

You may enter ANONYMOUS in the name field and the system will post your donation anonymously. Be aware that if you do that you will not receive a thank you or a tax receipt, and your gift will not appear in your membership record. If you would like to make an anonymous donation but still receive a thank you and tax receipt, contact

If you prefer to send a check, donations may be sent to:

Ten Mile Lake Association
P.O. Box 412
Hackensack, MN 56452

Thank you to all the very generous members and friends of the Ten Mile Lake Association who support our mission to protect this beautiful place.

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